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Andrea Salvatori

Secret Passion

Born in Alatri in the province of Frosinone, the most representative municipality of the Ciociaria as well as being the oldest in Lazio and Cuneo of adoption, begins to take the first steps between dishes of the local tradition at only 7 years when he helps his grandmother Irene to make homemade pasta and the sauces of those very full-bodied and fat, abundant of mixed meat with a unique and unmistakable flavor that simmered for hours and then reach the peak of goodness.

The grandmother is always the grandmother and thanks to her delicacies little Andrea is passionate about cooking, year after year becomes more and more a fixed presence in daily life but not so forrte to make him choose to attend the hotel, opting for a sober accounting and football.

Only with adolescence does he resume to feel the propulsion for the stove thanks to the father who becomes partner in a restaurant. The feeling that something inside him is changing is getting stronger and the passion that overwhelmed him for good food since he was a child is more alive than ever.

Andrea attends a master’s degree with the great chef Heinz Beck that definitively establishes his path: the teachings, the choice and the treatment of the raw materials and the respect for tradition are the cornerstones on which the kitchen of this young and promising chef is structured.

His professional career begins definitively with another great Italian chef Gianfranco Vissani with whom he collaborates for 4 years in which he acquires the maturity and the necessary temper to undertake his first job as chef who takes him to London where he remains for 2 years, then Russia, Spain and Montecarlo.

In 2019 he returns to Italy in the mountains of Piedmont launching an enchanting place in the beautiful Val Maira.

Back to home! Today a new challenge begins in the heart of the Langhe territory unique in the world with A Mira d'Novel.
The continuous search for new products to be used in his dishes, the exaltation of taste blending ancient flavors and modern delicacies, without ever neglecting the tradition respecting the normal cycles of nature and seasons are the cornerstone on which the kitchen of Chef Andrea is based.

The guests are advised unique culinary paths dictated by the free hand and the imagination of the Chef through the 5 or 7 sensations, excursus enograstronomici, pindaric flights of taste that turn into real emotions for the palate.

Chef Andrea gives you a warm welcome and wishes you a Happy Appetite!

“The maître d' is a psychologist and sociologist”

Angela Maître di Sala begins her very young experience during her studies to immediately improve her technique.
Even Angela inherits from her grandmother the passion for catering considering it a creative work with allows people to socialize.

In 2014 he began his work experience at Hotel Ristorante Cavaliero, an important structure in Albania, despite his young age.
In 2016 he worked at Prince of Lake Hotel Ristorante on Scutari Lake in Albania.

2017 is the year of the turning point that leads Angela to undertake the Italian experience, first as a tourist and then as a maître at Brieis Relais Alpino Restaurant & Spa in Marmora (CN).

Since 2020 our maître d' is Angela.

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