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Madagascar Pepper

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Chef Salvatori presents the Pepper of Madagascar

It is a very rare pepper, grows wild in the forests of Madagascar, is a climbing plant, the berries are harvested by hand at 15 meters of height.
The lianas climb up to the highest branches of other trees and the most valuable berries are the younger ones.

It is little known outside Madagascar, locally it is used both in cooking and in some preparations of traditional Malagasy medicine.
Being wild is absolutely natural, without using any chemical becomes a true medicine for health, is used to promote metabolism, digestion and also used for body massages.

To call it pepper is reductive, it is an explosion of taste and very intense aromas, it is not very spicy. It goes well with many dishes from meat to fruit, it is sure to be indicated on the menu of the restaurant in combination with refined dishes and haute cuisine. It can be consumed in whole or ground grains. It's exceptional on red meats but also interesting with some vegetables, asparagus and mushrooms above all. Enhances the flavor of red fruits and chocolate.

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