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A Mira 'd Novel

Ebike 4 Langhe

For everyone
A pedal assisted bicycle, unlike a muscular bike, makes its use possible for everyone: even those who are not a sportsman or not in perfect physical shape.

Cycling guide
Booking at least two days in advance you can request a cycling tour guide that will accompany you to discover the Langhe and its most beautiful views and points of interest!

On-site delivery or pick-up
You can pick up the e-bike directly in our office or ask us to deliver it to you where you prefer!

Elderly people
Ideal old people, who had put aside the idea of pushing on the pedals to overcome an overpass.

Physical handicaps
Ideal for those with physical handicaps that would make it impossible to push hard on the pedals and will instead receive from the electric motor, that assistance to pedaling that will allow him to move independently.

Cardiovascular problems
Ideal for those who have cardiovascular problems, for which it is good that you carefully measure the effort and then can decide to be assisted in pedaling, when the effort becomes excessive.

Prices A Couple

Contact the direction for booking your Ebike and to know all the available routes.

The package will be validated by receiving a confirmation email from the Management of A Mira’d Novel

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Healthy & Exciting

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