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Our Cuisine

The gourmet vision of the Chef offers dishes of the Piedmontese Tradition carefully revisited while maintaining the original recipe, enhancing the flavors of the territory rich in products of absolute quality.
Without neglecting the Italian regional cuisine, through which to experience transversal emotions in the endless culinary universe that our country has to offer, leaving amazed by the many facets of cuisine and typical Italian excellence.

With a look outside our borders and the products that other countries offer, the universal vision of Chef Andrea is particularly important.
Through his travels around the world he has discovered products of excellence that enhance his cuisine and contribute to amplify its taste such as the wild pepper of Madagascar, cocoa butter from Venezuela and salt Maldon homonymous English town.

The attention to detail and the maniacal search for the raw materials of the Chef Andrea Salvatori, allow diners to make a real sensory journey and taste in the infinite Italian culinary one-way.
Tradition is the cornerstone of the kitchen of A Mira’d Novel, the fresh pasta strictly hand-kneaded for the Tajarin and for all our first, is made with 24 egg yolks to ensure a product always inspired by the recipe of the past and that flavor of fresh homemade pasta.

Special mention should be made of the marinades of fish and meat, which are also products of meticulous research, treated with a mix of salt and sugar for several hours, to eliminate the scent of wild not to all liked;
or the smoking with selected woods and bark to give the meat particular aromas typical of cooking to the barbecue embellishing their flavor with wood nuance that we also find in the superb wines that the territory gives us in abundance.

Passion, Tradition and Innovation

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